C.F. Møller is one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms; with 90 years of award winning work in the Nordics and worldwide.

Simplicity, clarity and unpretentiousness, the ideals that have guided our work since the practice was established in 1924, are continually re-interpreted to suit individual projects, always site-specific and combined with sustainable, innovative and socially responsible design solutions.

Over the years, we have won a large number of national and international competitions and major architectural awards. Our work has been on show at architectural exhibitions all over the world as well as published in books and leading professional journals.
With our integrated design approach which seamlessly blends urban design, landscape, building design and building component design, C.F. Møller has received much acclaim for international projects of reference like the unique University Campus in Aarhus, the National Gallery in Copenhagen, the Darwin Centre at the Museum of Natural History in London, the Akershus University Hospital in Oslo, the 2012 Olympics’ Athletes Village in London and many others.

We have a strong tradition for social and environmental responsibility in a democratic architecture accessible to all. We regard resource-consciousness, healthy project finances and good craftsmanship as essential elements in our work, all the way from master plans to the design of components.

Today C.F. Møller has app. 350 employees. Our head office is in Aarhus, Denmark and we have branches in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Oslo, Stockholm and London.


C. F. Møller Architects has created buildings primarily through close co-operation within the practice as well as with clients and fellow design consultants. It is not a question of individual, personal achievement, but rather a process where everyone involved strives for a common architectural goal. As a result, we are very reliant on dialogue and, in particular, a shared philosophy - a professional foundation, as it were - to function as our architectural base.

This shared architectural base, nurtured by a long history of craftsmanship and Nordic tradition, has evolved naturally from the extensive activities of the practice. People, place and function are the sources of our procedural foundation. Our architectural base, solely intended as a basic belief, not a straightjacket preventing testing and the research of new ideas, is an essential ingredient for communicating in a common language. It must, however, constantly be discussed and further developed via internal production and debate. With our philosophy, we strive with artistic vigour for an animated and evolving architecture that applauds simplicity, clarity and unpretentiousness, but also diversity. International trends and the changing ideals of society inspire us and are interpreted and translated into our architecture.

We consider the environment, resource awareness, a sensible building budget, higher productivity and good quality to be an indispensable part of our current and future work. These overall considerations are built into our projects, including everything from general planning to the design of building components.


Emerging from our architectural and philosophical foundation is the goal of being recognised globally and to be among the best practices in Scandinavia and Europe. The building industry is in a constant state of change. We want to be part of this process by setting new standards for the design and construction of buildings, for example, in developing new models for procurement and collaboration.

We are aware of and bound by our role as decision-makers for our physical environment.
As independent consultants, we choose methods, techniques and materials in dialogue with professional partners, but independent of manufacturers' interests.

With regard to our clients and consultants, our ideas and decisions are well substantiated and documented.
Our work is relevant, topical and constructive.
We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible psychological and physical conditions at our offices.

Our work is based on the wish that function, architecture and the construction budget form a synthesis.
We quality assure and evaluate our work based on current systems and specialist knowledge within the practice.
We collaborate and willingly share our knowledge and experience with others.
We engage ourselves actively and constructively - also in one another's work.
We strive to increase our effectiveness and productivity through professional development and continued education.
We are also aware of the importance of harmonising work and family and recognise the social responsibility of the practice.


2009, A. P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal
(107 sider)
Redigeret af Mads Møller

2008, Akilles Forlag
(127 sider)
Redigeret af Mads Møller

Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
2006, egen udgivelse
(60 sider)
Redaktion: Anne Jensen, Helle Weber, Mads Møller, Klaus Toustrup, Julian Weyer

2006, Handelshøjskolen i Århus
(77 sider)
Redaktionsudvalg: Poul Dreisler, Arne Mølgaard Frandsen, Tove Gadegård, Lillian Hasslund, Birgitte Sønderkær

Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
2004, egen udgivelse
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Redaktion: Mads Møller, Tom Danielsen, Klaus Toustrup, Klavs Hyttel

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Om Aarhus Universitets bygninger
2003, Aarhus Universitetsforlag
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Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møllers Tegnestue
2001, egen udgivelse
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Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møllers Tegnestue 75 år
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8 historier om Birk-området ved Herning
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1992, Arkitektens Forlag
(56 sider)
Forfatter: Olaf Lind

1978, Universitetsforlaget i Aarhus
(192 sider)
Forfatter: C. F. Møller


Building Better Healthcare Award 2009 - Best International Design

Concrete Society Award 2009 Overall Winner
Structural Award 2009
Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, 2009

Århus Municipality Architecture Award, 2009

Aalborg Municipality Architecture Award, 2009

Randers Kommunes Arkitekturpris 2009, ros

Swedish Steel Construction Prize 2009

Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention, 2009

iF product design award, 2009

Århus Municipality Architecture Award, 2008

Aluminium in Renovation Building Award - Nordic Nominee, 2007

Aalborg Municipality Building Award, 2007
Awarded for high-quality and beautiful architecture by Sejlflod Municipality, 2006

Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, 2007
Copenhagen Municipality Building Award, 2007
Named Building of the Year by the trade periodical Byggeri, 2006

Shortlisted for Copper in Architecture Awards, 2007

Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, 2007
Copenhagen Municipality Building Award, 2007

National Building Quality Award, honourable mention, Norway, 2006

Hørsholm Municipality Building Award, 2006

Awarded with the "Intelligent m2 Award" rewarding innovative workplaces, 2006

Awarded for more than 80 years of outstanding contribution to Denmark's Architecture, 2006

Selected by the Danish Ministry of Culture for the canon of Danish art and culture, a canon comprising indispensable Danish works of art, 2006

Honoured with a Purchase Award of 100.000 NKR, 2005

Hørsholm Municipality Building Award, 2005

Boligfonden Kubens Bygherrepris, 2005
Bygherreprisen, 2004
Århus Municipality Architecture Award, 2000

Århus Municipality Award for Renovation and Building, 2004

Hjørring's Architectural Diploma, 2004

Awarded the price of honour by the Danish Disability Council Esbjerg, 2003

European Parking Award, 2003

Named Housing Project of the Year by the trade periodical Byggeri, 2003

Århus Municipality Award for Beautiful Building, 2003

Søllerød Municipality Architecture Award, 2002

Aalborg Municipality Building Award, 2002

Awarded "Bauherrenpreis 2001" by Berlin Treptow-Köpenick, 2002

Randers Municipality Architecture Award, 2002
Randers Municipality Architecture Award, 2000

Herning Town Council Building Award, 2001

Copenhagen Municipality Building Award, 2001

Herning Municipality Building Award, 2000

Copenhagen Municipality Building Award, 1999
European Marble Architectural Award, 1999

Copenhagen Municipality Building Award, 1998

Hørsholm Municipality Building Award, 1997

Herning Municipality Building Award, 1996

Århus Municipality Architecture Award, 1996

Europa-Nostra Award, 1995