The solution, to us, is always and foremost the result of a mutual gestation process.
Our ideas, developments and projects are rooted in the now. From here, they point to the future both near and far, markers in time.
We plan and build for people who explore the questions of living together and who prefer innovative solutions.


Facades, Design Construction Technology, Braun Verlag, 2012
Villa Architecture and Design, Braun Verlag, 2012
1000x European Architecture, Braun Verlag, 2011
Aedes Katalog zur Ausstellung in Berlin, 2011
Die neue Villa, Callwey Verlag, 2008
1000x European Architecture, Braun Verlag, 2007
Library Design, teNeues, 2007
Die besten Einfamilienhäuser, Callwey Verlag, 2005


Aedes Galerie Berlin, 2011
Architekturforum Zug in Baar, 2012