The slim 90 mm TUBILUX tubular luminaire defies even the harshest atmospheric and environmental conditions. With its high-quality mate rials, short sealing lengths and compact design, this luminaire plays it absolutely safe, giving aggressive chemicals, vandals, dust and moisture no chance at all.
It remains water-tight even when briefly immersed in water. With its smooth exterior and round design, TUBILUX IP68 does not allow dust or dirt to deposit onto its surface. Rain and splash water simply bounce off. Everything else is taken care of by perfect technology and innovative materials: tube made of high impact-resistant polycarbonate and shock-resistant PMMA, side elements made of chemically resistant polyamide, innovative and extra-wide sealing rim, Allen-key fastener with defined torque for fast and tight fixing. Thanks to its LED version, TUBILUX has become a specialist for cold environmental conditions. Constant luminous fluxes, especially at low temperatures (down to -30 °C), low maintenance costs and a long service life of 50,000 hours offer real benefits in low-temperature applications.
All versions of TUBILUX have achieved certification according to the
International Food Standards (IFS) by an independent authority.