Key facts


With a diameter of only 52 mm, PAN is the smallest recessed spotlight for façade lighting available on the market. The rugged spotlight can be fitted flexibly in a downlight or uplight position to highlight archi tectural details, which makes it an expert for illluminating windows and cornices while remaining perfectly unobtrusive itself.
The luminaire, which is made of die-cast aluminium, features IP65 protection and is ready for recess and surface mounting using a surface mounted housing, demonstrates its strengths for both modern buildings and buildings protected as historic monuments. PAN is fitted with a high-output LED and requires minimum power of only 1.25 W; it is therefore a contemporary and sustainable alternative to conventional floodlights with high lumen output.
Thanks to the varied range of models available, the maintenancefree LED luminaire provides plenty of design freedom: the choice of optical systems available includes narrow-beam spots and a wideangle flood optic through to an elliptical lens with asymmetrical light distribution. Colour temperatures of 3200 K and 6000 K make PAN perfect for illuminating a variety of materials and surfaces such as aluminium and sandstone. The 350 mA luminaire can be wired conven iently and quickly with an external supply box with a built-in converter.