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Product description

The modular luminaire concept makes it possible to specify the optimal lighting solution by matching the ideal LED light source with the appropriate reflector. The different M or L spotlight sizes and the choice of spot, flood, wide flood and very wide flood distributions help guarantee maximum flexibility in the presentation of goods. In addition, defined light colours for special applications areas, such TGRfashion or Food, along with various luminous flux packages and colour rendering indices allow both the perfect accent lighting of fashion goods and targeted product presentation in supermarkets.

A hallmark of the ONICO range is the technology that the eye does not see. The converter is integrated into the track-mounted and pendant luminaires, whilst the same equipment can be positioned in the ceiling for the recessed versions. This enables a clear, consistent and reduced look that supports the overall integrated concept of the luminaire.

ONICO is a versatile lighting tool that can be effectively used to craft individual lighting concepts with a clear and consistent design.

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Modern shop and retail applications demand an increasing number of lighting scenarios that are based on the tastes and preferences of their respective target customer groups. Authenticity, individualisation and the precise accentuation of products play an important role when it comes to designing these kinds of lighting solutions. The versatile ONICO luminaire range from Zumtobel is as a modular system that offers an extraordinary range of different LED light sources and reflectors to perfectly present brands and goods and thereby help support sales success.

The modular system encompasses gimbal-mounted cardanic recessed units, track-mounted spotlights and pendant luminaires for integrated lighting solutions in retail areas with suspended or closed ceilings. The reduced form language and clear design of the ONICO range adds a tasteful degree of neutrality and adapts to any architectural setting, meaning that consistent concepts for global roll-outs no longer present a challenge.