Product description

Modern sources of light inspire to achieve new levels of performance, a principle that applies in particular to the DISCUS spotlight system. The form is oriented for the first time to LED technology and adopts this as a basis for its design. The result is correspondingly compact and minimalist: an unobtrusively flat design with an unmistakable appearance. This impression is underlined by the radially arrang ed blades of the passive heat sink, ensuring a long service life
for the LED module. For higher illumination output, two HIT versions are also available in the same design.
The new track box adapter demonstrates just how fundamentally the theme of spotlights was considered with DISCUS: it’s as linear and consistent as the spotlight head itself. In this way DISCUS, also available as a recessed spotlight, discreetly blends into the interior design of shops and showrooms and at the same time serves to strengthen brand messages.

Product family