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For Zoom by Mobimex, the Argentinian designer Dante Bonuccelli has devised a new table concept which adapts to suit a wide variety of applications. Thanks to a restrained steel subframe and a solid wood top in various shapes and sizes, LYNX transforms from a writing desk to a meetings table or from prestigious conference furniture to a presentation facility.

Seon, April 2017. – With the new LYNX table concept, devised by the Argentinian designer Dante Bonuccelli, Zoom by Mobimex is responding to the need for flexible yet high-quality solutions for the office and conference sector. The various shapes and sizes of the table tops are purposely selected and coordinated to ensure that they can be easily adapted to suit a variety of different situations.

“Traditionally, the feet and legs of a table are often constructed in different materials and shapes, resulting in an unappealing optical discontinuity,” said Dante Bonuccelli, explaining the reasoning behind his design. “The idea was thus to simplify both components and to merge them into a single, two-dimensional form. Folding a steel sheet origami-style produces a continuous line without connecting elements or a hiatus. The offset feature gives form and stability to the subframe.”

LYNX is available as the “Flow Desk”, a generously-dimensioned trapezoidal element which combines a workspace with a conference table, while on the other hand the LYNX “Meeting” concept is designed to adapt flexibly to a variety of usages with its tapered table top. A round disc made of stainless steel, optionally available with felt inserts for hard flooring, enables the segments of the table to be moved easily and effortlessly. In next to no time, an oval setup for the boardroom is turned into a trapezoidal configuration for a video conference, or large-dimension workspaces for teams are transformed into small desks for training purposes.

LYNX is also available in traditional rectangular or sail-shaped design, for use as a single desk or as a dining table.

Visually, the striking feature of LYNX is the contrast between the rather technical look of the steel subframe and the warm nature of the solid wood top. Whereas the structure and material of the subframe are evocative of industrial design, the shapely table tops, fashioned with great care and attention by hand, positively cry out to be touched and physically explored.

The restrained shape of the subframe is unobtrusive and reduces the material used to a minimum, thus favouring the various configurations of the tables. The gap between the two blades which form the table leg allows cables to be hidden out of sight. For the office, the table can also be supplemented by an integrated, suspended drawer element made of solid wood. Power cables and sockets are positioned at the side as well as integrated into the drawer element, leaving the table top uncluttered and pristine.