Product description

Height 2000 mm Width 1200/55 mm.

The sound-absorbing Block family of fixtures has a new member – with legs. It is easy to position on the floor and just as effective as its siblings in softening up the lines of the office landscape and contributing to a better light- and sound-environment. Free-standing beside a desk or as a screen in a larger space.
Block floor fixture is available with up- and downlight, downlight only and with up-light only. Built in LED modules.

Product family


There´s no doubt that good workplace acoustics affect wellbeing. Block by Johanna Jacobson Backman absorbs both high and low requencies contributing to a pleasant atmosphere in the room. The playful cable solution softens lines and invites hanging in series, groups or islands. As a special bonus, Block is made out of Soundfelt, a recycled material.

Standard lenghts 600 mm and 1200 mm.
Standard heights 400 mm and 800 mm.
With built in LED module. Lenght 1200 mm have both up-light and downlight.