Product description

Solid wood – oak, American walnut

Wooden seat or close upholstery
Enclosed with plastic glides, felt glides additional

Fabric-/leather requires
Fabric requires: 0.6 rm on 140 cm role width
Leather requires: 0.65 sqm

Oak optionally stained with colour: Colour options see price list

Product family


First of all, NONOTO is a sculpture. It’s emblematic from all angles and engages the viewer emotionally. At the same time, NONOTO is a real chair. It cries out to be sat on with its perfectly balanced strength, weight and ultimate seating comfort. And finally, NONOTO is a state-of-the-art product concept. The chair boasts a flexible design, meaning it lends itself to creating a comprehensive range of products. NONOTO has an unplugged design that is brought to life using cutting-edge CNC milling technology.

NONOTO BAR – The model bar chair. The NONOTO chair family is also complemented with a new barstool: NONOTO BAR. The unique junction between frame and backrest lends the stool a sculptural character. A ring serves as footrest while also providing additional stability and adding another nish: both the walnut and the graphite black stain design come with a matt black powder-coated footrest. All other stains and the natural oak version feature a rose gold-coated footrest.