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Morph Pouf
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w 47cm d 35cm h 42cm

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Morph Stool
MORPH STOOL is modelled after the successful chair model MORPH. Thanks to the shape of the seat and its ideal incline, MORPH STOOL is more comfortable than one would expect. Formally, he has a unique feature, looks elegant and fits many situations using a table in combination with the chair of the same name, as well as confidently used on its own as a stool for seating.
Its many variations correspond to the chair model MORPH: veneered wooden seat, seat cushion or fully upholstered.

Morph Dining
The new member of the Morph family is the dining chair MORPH DINING. MORPH DINING particularly stands out through its opulent appearance as well as an exceptionally high level of comfort. Sitting down and standing up are both especially easy thanks to the gentle curved shape of the armrests. This comfort is also due to the generous overall dimensions of the upholstered shell. MORPH DINING is suitable for spacious, luxurious room situations. It is the perfect choice for elegant dining rooms, upscale restaurants, as well as for premium conference situations. MORPH DINING invites you to linger a while and, in any case, underscores representative environment. With its combination of leather and fabric (inside/outside), contrast of colours, contrast of light and dark, contrasting coloured stitching and frames in oak, walnut or colour stains, MORPH DINING offers extensive scope for design.

Morph Chair
The solid wood frame carries a light molded wood shell or - new since 2012 - a fully upholstered shell. The positioning of the legs gives the chair a unique posture, as if it had a support and a free leg. The sculpturally formed sub-frame conveys the interplay between stability and dynamism. Due to its delicate appearance this straightforward chair exudes an air of lightness that requires only a small area.

Morph Bar
Its high comfort and stability distinguish the bar stool MORPH BAR. The stool fits nicely as an object into modern surroundings, where its wood character and filigree design deliberately stand out. Ideal for coffee bars, restaurants or at home. Since 2012 MORPH BAR is available with fully upholstered seat.

Morph Lounge
The comfort of the lounger MORPH LOUNGE is even greater in the ensemble with MORPH POUF. With MORPH POUF you can relax and put your feet up or of course, just sit on it as a stool. Like the chair MORPH and bar stool MORPH BAR and the lounger MORPH LOUNGE the leg design gives the foot rest MORPH POUF a unique posture, as if it had a free leg and a standing leg. For cafés, restaurants and at home.

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