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Product description

2 desk top versions:
- Desk Soft: curving desk top, (W = 242.7 cm | H = 5 cm | D = 111.8 cm), soft profile around edges
- Desk Line: rectangular desk top, (W = 220 cm | H = 5 cm | D = 100 cm), soft profile around edges
- Desk top configurable left-hand or right-hand
- Desk top direction adjustable in steps of 22.5°
- Optionally with electrically height-adjustable desk top: from 75 cm to 124 cm for ergonomic work, height adjustment system
by Linak®: Bluetooth connection, intuitive operating control, reminder function via lighting strip, 4 memory slots for saving
individualised height settings, display
- Column covered in high-quality leather or micro-leather with decorative seams in coordinated colour
- Base plate, column and column rings in polished stainless steel (stainless steel brushed or powder-coated as optional extra)
- High-quality cable cover of polished stainless steel (stainless steel brushed or powder-coated as optional extra)
- Support construction on underside covered in high-quality, bi-elastic, washable fabric in black
- Intelligent cable management: cable cover, covered cable guide +multi-outlet power strip on underside of desk top
- Fixtures in polished stainless steel, trim made of polished aluminium (powder-coated as optional extra)
- Adjustable feet for levelling desk
- Important information on the technology door: All cables bundled centrally behind the technology door.
Inside dimensions next to lifting column: W = 22 cm, D = 34 cm, H = 56 cm, inside dimension widthwise, in front of lifting
column: W = 56.7 cm, D = 22 cm, H = 56 cm. Any items that overlap this area are a risk to functionality. Because of the
conditional ventilation, we recommend using notebooks or unventilated mini PCs.

3 S100 Under-Desk Units:
- S100 Desk Container: 4H widthwise container element, on plinth under desk top (W = 60 cm | H = 66 cm | D = 86 cm), operated from front, front package, technology door at back
- S100 Desk Module 12R: Ready-to-use configuration as S100 room divider or wall unit on plinth 4H, 12R width (W = 176 cm | H = 66 cm | D = 51.6 cm)
- S100 Desk Module, individually designed: Freely configurable according to pricelist, S100 carcass as wall unit on plinth in 4H, 51.6 cm deep, or S100 room divider on plinth 4H, 51.6 cm deep

Optional Accessories:
- Cable-free QI loading
- Cable management for docking station for note book in drawer
- Integrated hanging file holders (up to 3 holders in 3H drawer)
- Inside drawer behind pull-out 3H
- Briefcase holder behind technology door

Product family


S100 – the Exceptional Furniture System.
The module size of 14.4 cm means that this furniture system can be built with a total of 3 different carcass heights, 3 carcass depths and 11 standard widths; custom widths are also available at request. Room divider versions are available for all the furniture. But that’s not all yet: The inside storage layout can also be arranged individually. Customers can choose from side-opening and drop-down doors and drawers in numerous different sizes and arrange them in whatever combination they like. The “core” of this furniture system is supplemented by stainless steel stands in 4 different heights, a matching base, and a wall fixture. All different hights of the stands are offert in polished or brushed stainless steel or six different colours.

Also available are optional accessories such as drawer inserts and electronic equipment – for example, the cordless QI phone charging system. The carcass is made of solid maple or solid walnut and has mitre joints. The rounded front edging and the filigree aluminium profile are what gives the furniture its striking and distinctive design. The fronts that can be combined with this come in many different leather, microleather or colours to produce very individual material mixes.