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Due to their classic design, the sound absorbers RELAX 074 and Relax 139 can be harmoniously integrated into the interior decoration. The covering of the absorbers is seamlessly crafted of pure merino-wool and can be obtained in 36 popular colours. For the lateral protecting covers there is a choice of 9 different types of wood, 3 types of aluminium surfaces and any desired colour. This provides for a comprehensive array of colours and materials, hereby allowing aesthetically designed room planning.

RELAX 074 and RELAX 139 can not only be operated as wall or ceiling elements. Using special hinged covers, the elements can also be placed arbitrarily in the room functioning as zoning elements. Powerfully baffling and absorbing the sounds, they are perfect for the acoustical and optical separation of departments, rest areas or areas with a high noise level. The RELAX absorbers have a width of either 74 cm or 139 cm while the height can be chosen freely. An unlimited number of elements can be connected.