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System X
System X
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United States
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Wall-mounted lights-General lighting >
Wall-mounted lights-General lighting >

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System X modules as wall application

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SYSTEM X is a combination of the industrial materialisation and polymerisation of individual products, modularised into a "system" that is structural, flexible in application and above all, totally innovative in its enhancement of interior space.
A single "X" module can be configured to achieve ordered geometries from modules of 2 to 3 up to large horizontal or vertical planes of infinite number relating to architectural planes.
The system has taken several years to evolve and its industrial refinement, economy and logic of installation make a highly considered and modern lighting solution, benefiting from state of the art electronic technology, uniquely developed for this product.
The product can be specified both for private and public use, beginning with small dimmable con-figurations for above the dining table or conference room to large open expanses that can create zones of different temperatures of light in collective or singular modules.
Ross Lovegrove