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Geon desk lamp
Geon desk lamp
Yamagiwa >
Ross Lovegrove >
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United States
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Interior lighting-Table lights >
Interior lighting-Table lights >


The Geon desk lamp was developed based on an "organic design" concept that takes full advantage of all the optical functions. When the lamp is turned off, then Geon functions as an object d'art that beautifies the desktop.
At a slight touch of the switch the lamp element swings up into place and turns on automatically.
The unique mechanism is truly a delight to use. The arm angle always remains horizontal, so the light does not shine into the user's eyes, and the asymetrical light distribution makes it possible to illuminate a large portion of the desktop from the side without producing glare.

Halogen 1 x 50W 12V-GY6.35
W 200 x D 430 x H 470 mm
2.0 kg
Polycarbonate, Aluminium

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