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Product description

Wood: Oak
Finish: Lacquer

Product variants


Technical information:

- entirely made in italy
- improved lacquer coat, more durable
- water based lacquer, high scratch resistance
- easy maintenance
- surface may be repaired
- no formaldehyde, no health risk emissions
- suitable for both floor heating and cooling systems
- suitable for both glue down and floating installation

Standard dimensions:
- thickness: 13 mm (3,8 mm nominal hardwood top layer)
- widths: 100 / 120 / 150 / 175 / 200 mm
- lengths: 80% from 1200 to 2500 mm - 20% < 1200 mm
- finish: Open pore
- locking: tongue-and-groove (T&G)
- upon request: dry interlock system for floating installation

special dimensions:
- 200 x 200 x 13 mm
- 87,5 / 100 x 1000-2500 x 13 mm
- 175 / 200 x 1000-2500 x 13 mm


Natural oil:
A 98% natural oil, obtained from plants is used. It makes the wood look authentic. Besides, thanks to its chemical composition, it is a lasting nourishment for the floor as time goes by: with a regular maintenance the floor can preserve its characteristics forever.

Why should you choose an oil finish?
- oil is natural and biocompatible
- wood looks more authentic
- maintenance is simple
- you can make maintenance works which help to keep the initial look of the floor
- the product is manufactured in accordance with the DIN 68861, 1st regulations which state the resistance to most liquids used at table
- the criteria of the DIN 53160 and EN71 regulations, which state the parameters for the treatment of wood toys, are observed

Water based lacquer:
In order to make the floor collection more versatile and to meet the market demand fully, Xilo1934, along with the oil finish, has introduced a lacquer finish.

Why should you choose a lacquer finish?
- lacquer is 100% water based
- thanks to its particular chemical composition wood can breathe
- it is harder and more resistant than normal lacquers
- it can be repaired
- after the application of the lacquer the boards have a perfectly smooth surface. They do not have the “orange peel touch” which is typical of many lacquer pre-finished products
- the resistance to the Taber test is doubled in comparison to a normal lacquering with solvent-based products.
- during the lacquering process the most modern nanotechnologies are used
- Improved protective coat. High scratch resistance.


Regulation reference:
Xilo 1934 follows the UNI-EN 13489:2004/free class, UNI-EN 13226:2004/free class and UNI-EN 13228:2004/ free class in the evaluation of its grades.

Structure and advantages:
- Hardwood top layer (3,8 mm nominal)
- Core in spruce blockboard (7 mm)
- Counterbalanced with spruce or poplar veneer (2,2 mm)

The three-layer floor has the intrinsic quality to increase the stability of the finished product, limiting its natural adjustments. Xilo1934 no longer produces its floors counterbalancing with the same wood, because it has found some deformation problems, therefore in order to obtain the maximum mechanical resistance, it has increased the internal part, reducing the counterbalancing to the minimum and adding a micro-bevel on the 4 sides. In this way the possible deformations of the wood are reduced in a remarkable way and the product is therefore

- suitable on heating floors
- suitable on cooling systems

Prefinished parquet floor, entirely made in Italy, 3 layers with T&G locking or click system, thickness 13 mm with hardwood top layer of 3.8 mm nominal in Slavonjan Oak or Ash or Larch or Iroko or Doussiè or American Teak or Wenge. Spruce blockboard core, counterbalanced with Poplar or Spruce veneer. Micro-bevel on 4 sides and assembly of the layers by vinylic water-based glues with no added formaldehyde. Fixed or mixed widths of 100/120/150/175/200 mm and lengths from 1200 mm to 2500 mm, with approx. 20% lower than 1200 mm. Slightly brushed surface and finish with natural oil and/or water-based transparent or coloured lacquer. Selection in Classica or Naturale choice, according to regulation UNI-EN 13489:2004/free class. Wood floor with no health risk emissions, particularly free from formaldehyde, finished with VOC free products only and complying with the CE regulations. Product suitable for floating or glued installation and for laying on heating floors or cooling systems.

XILO1934 completes its offer with coordinated accessories that are suitable for stairway covering or installation.

Step boards:
- Squared profile
- Round profile
Base boards:
- Angular profile 9 x 14 mm
- Plywood & veneer - bird’s beak 80 x 13 mm
- Plywood & veneer squared profile 40 x 15 mm
- Solid wood 75 x 13 / 95 x 10 mm
Underlay thickness 3 mm:
- Synthetic / Stirpe – suitable for floating installation with common heating
- Natural / Juta cloth – suitable for floating installation with heating floors.


Oiled floors:
The Xilo1934 oil finished floors continue to breathe because oil is 98% pure as it is composed only of natural materials and goes deep into the wood without closing its pores. No additional layer is therefore created, thus the wood keeps its structure and natural hue and becomes more wear resistant. The oil finishings meet the DIN-68861, 1st regulation perfectly. In fact they are water-repellent and resist to most liquids used normally at table, such as wine, beer, tea, coke, fruit juices, milk and water. They are also in accordance with the DIN 53160 and EN 71 regulations as they meet the requirements concerning children’s toys. This kind of finish requires a particular care as time goes by, for this reason a cleaning and maintenance plan composed of few simple instructions has been drawn.
After the laying: The oil finished floors are given a very resistant treatment in the factory and they are ready to be used soon after the laying. However, it is always advisable to give a coat of maintenance oil after the laying.

Lacquered floors:
After the laying: No treatment is required after the laying.