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Let´s tell stories about the oldest material in the world

From the stories of Pliny the Elder to the Byzantines, Giotto and Masaccio... painting on wooden planks, an ancient material that vibrates with the taste of the homeland, is no novelty, for sure. But that is history. Much different from the “crazy idea” that flashed before Giovanni Basso and Carlo Bardelli, owners of XILO1934: to launch a challenge at a pool of artists to test themselves on the so-far uncovered ground of decorating parquet. The idea: to create an expressive range based on the originality of the design presented by a team of authors, each differing in his story, training, style, who were asked for a personal interpretation in images. Each project is a story to tell using signs and drawings. Each story is soon an opportunity for developing a unique product, the result of innovative state-of-the-art technology. A warm project, like the warmth that comes from wood, which is comforting and nurturing par excellence. Work in progress. “In a certain way – explains Carlo Bardelli, the eclectic mentor of this ambitious project – I wanted to bring the experience and sensitivity developed over years of communication with ceramics into this area. A way for designing wood, just like canvas or plaster, with various moods and atmospheres that make you think of going beyond the naked material. An idea for bringing fantasy and dreams liked to the architectural material per excellence for the next twenty years to life. Nature’s genius and that of humans being compared”. How an idea becomes reality and it is transformed into designer projects, where wood meets design to express its poetic... streak.

Technical information:

- full italian manufacturing
- easy maintenance
- high scratch resistance
- surface may be repaired
- no formaldehyde
- no health risk emissions
- water based lacquer with improved protective coat
- suitable for both floor heating and cooling systems
- suitable for both glue down and floating installation

Standard dimensions:

- thickness: 13 mm (3,8 mm nominal hardwood top layer)
- widths: 120 / 150 / 175 / 200 mm
- lengths: 1200 / 1500 mm
- finish: Water based lacquer
- locking: tongue and groove (T&G)
- background: Maxitavole B5

The decoration is performed directly on the raw surface and subsequently protected by a generous layer of lacquer. This makes the decoration more resistant to wear and foot traffic.

- classica
- naturale