Product description

These completely equipped Tubus lighting elements were developed particularly for private use and small projects.
They already contain all components up to the bulbs, in order to enable a simple handling of the lamps.

Product family


By uniting design and construction in one whole process it was possible to create the Tubus system. With efforts ease the Tubus lighting elements become freely combinable, connected toolless by intelligent plug-type connections. The integrated 2-circuit passage wirring in all Tubus lighting elements enables the free combination of halogeneous and fluorescent lamp items, as well as their divided control. The Tubus lighting elements are carried and protectd by a transparent glass tube. The connection and feeding items are made of polished and anodized aluminium.

System measures: S = 1.250 mm, d = 32 mm
System performance: 1500 W per feed
Halogen bulb: QT-DE 12, 78 mm, 60 W, R75
Fluorescent tube: T5/ T16 39 W, ø 16 mm