Product description

Opto C4 is a suspended luminaire especially for long tables. Each head can be directed. In addition the cone of light is adjustable. Opto operates without transformer. Thus Opto works with any dimmer. The Opto lenses are made of heatproof Duran glass.

Acryl ruby coloured, stainless steel
G9 60W/Lamps G9 60W

Product variants

Product family


Opto is a newly developed spot light. Its cone of light is steplessly adjustable from spot to flood. On a minimized scale, Opto features the technical principle of fesnel lights. The lens system is a completely new departure. By means of Halopin Lamp Opto operates without a transformer. Thus Opto DL becomes the first flat ceiling spot independence of suspended ceilings. Opto 3D works on the same optical principle. Its minimized ball-joint makes it a universal spot light.

Opto is equipped with a spot lens. When desired you get a flood lens.