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Rollo Shades
Rollo Shades
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Wood & Washi Rollo Shades are a continuation of the roll-up shades. They are produced in the Laminated Washi (LW series), Color Washi (CW series), Traditional Laminated Washi (TLW series), Fading Washi (FW series) and Art Washi (AW series) styles from the shades collection.

The panels are decoratively divided by 10mm wide ribs made from aluminium or chrome, or in stainless steel finish, black and bronze. 10 different real wood inlays in the aluminium support complete the programme. They are mounted one-sided, facing into the room. Although the standard intervals for rollo shades are 27cm and 44cm, larger intervals are also possible. The largest possible interval is 88 cm. In the case of windows with unequal heights the Rollo Shades can be produced in such a way that the ribs run similarly high.

In the case of Rollo Shades, various designs and tones can be combined. Rollo Shades made from laminated washi are available in widths of up to 248.8 cm, including the support system. Maximum possible heights of up to 750 cm are possible. The Rollo system is supplied with aluminium supports (Wood & Washi design) and stainless steel chain. They can be operated using the chain or electrically.