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Combiparker 556
Combiparker 556 | Semi automatic parking systems
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The Combiparker 556 can be arranged above-ground with 3 to 6 parking levels stacked on top of each other and 1 to 3 rows one behind the other. All parking places can be selected and used independently. Compared to the already existing technology, the column-free construction ensures that vertical supports are only required at every 2 or 3 parking places next to each other. This means an increased comfort for vehicle parking and retrieval operations and sufficient space, to be able to access parking places in the second or third row. Furthermore, the new Combiparker 556 always offers one additional parking place on the highest level.

Additional adaptation options offer different platform widths, varying lengths for larger vehicles, and different parking level clearances for the required vehicle heights. Moreover, platform loads up to 2.0 t or up to 2.6 t suitable for heavy vehicles, are available.

- For different car dimensions and weight of 2,0 t to 2,6 t
- Compact parking in 3 to 6 levels
- Freestanding above ground steel structure
- Roofing and facade to protect electronical parts from wind and wheather influces can be chosen individually by the customer
- Combination of stacking and moving closer together
- Variable arrangement of up to 5 grids beside one another
- Independent parking
- High level of operating and functional safety (German TÜV / CE certified)
- Easy operation with transponder chips