Product description

The design of the Pillar Box is by Hans Eichenberger. Originally intended to store 24 file folders, this furniture is now used wherever storage space is needed: in the kitchen, in the living or dining room, in the bedroom or children's room or in the office. The sheat is available in 13 contemporary colors. For the body choose either black or white. As interior works you have a rich selection of different, variable usable elements. According to your requirements: bottle or spice drawer, softboxes, document storage compartments etc. The magnetic amd rotable sheat of the Pillar Box is also usable for commmunication as you can pin flyers, posters, reminders etc. A wardrobe pin or a hook rack can also be attached to any desired location on the sheat.

Product variants

Product family


The WOGG AMOR product range brings together the WOGG collector's items, the Trunk Cupboard and the Pillar Box by Hans Eichenberger, and the Stripe Sideboard by Trix and Robert Haussmann. They are classed as THE Wogg classics. People simply love them!