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WINGBURG sliding door systems redefine the state of the art for sliding doors running in the wall. All system components are matched to a standard door leaf dimension, making on-site adaptation completely unnecessary. Each element can be easily adjusted to standard wall thicknesses.

Secure plug-in connections of the frame components save a lot of time during assembly, and those who want even more speed can order the systems pre-assembled ex works.

In addition, the systems can be equipped with a cable duct on both sides so that switches and sockets can be placed next to the door in compliance with standards.

The running track can also be removed after the sliding door system has been installed in the wall. The door leaf can be mounted and readjusted at any time.

BELPORT sliding door systems allow the frameless realization of wood or glass doors running in the wall. They are the first choice for a detail-reduced look. This variant allows the door to be pushed flush into the wall pocket, making it "disappear" completely. The door and track can be removed at any time without the need for an additional inspection opening.

- for drywall / wood stud frame and for solid wall
- invisible sliding in the wall
- wall-flush optics
- numerous designs possible
- reversible running track
- effortless installation
- comfort accessory: retraction damper; opening by push to slide; synchronous runner for 2-panel doors

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