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foxx desks convice as multifunctional, height-adjustable workstations. foxx meets various requirements in the office and can be adapted to individual, group and team work places. The program includes a wide variety of table formats and design options, as well as an electrically height-adjustable version for ergonomic working while standing or seating. Due to the easy adjustment foxx desk systems offer the perfect solution for desk sharing and co-working spaces.

An immaculate seamless look: Seamless laser edge

foxx_e: ergonomic & versatile.

Continuously height-adjustable desks can contribute to health in the office. To promote changes of posture, furniture must be adaptable to a variety of activities. The electrically height-adjustable desks foxx_eRK and foxx_eQK allow an easy transition from a seated workstation to a standing one. By simply pressing a button, desk height can be continuously adjusted between 650 and 1290 mm as desired. This is not only advantageous for permanent workstations so that staff keep on the move – foxx_e is also increasingly deployed for desk sharing. Thanks to the optional memory module, the different settings employed by several users can be stored and directly retrieved. In conjunction with the spacers, foxx_e can be safely deployed for double or team workstations and configurations.
In short, the attractive cost-benefit ratio makes the use of the foxx_e series throughout the company an eco- nomically and ergonomically worthwhile investment.