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Wolfgang Joop – Magic Mushrooms Centerpiece
Wolfgang Joop⎟"Magic Mushrooms"
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Dining-table acces...-Salt & pepper shakers >

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The luxurious pure silver table decorations “Magic Mushrooms" are the result of an inspiring process in collaboration with German designer Wolfgang Joop.

Wolfgang Joop's design is inspired by his characteristic fascination with the tension between naturalism and stylization. In his inimitable masterly fashion he transforms what is intoxicating, dangerous, poisonous into acceptable, harmless forms. The gleaming, slightly sinister "Magic Mushrooms" are mysterious in nature and exude the secretive aura of all things magical. The ensemble is reminiscent of the grandiose baroque tableware that was used to enhance celebrations and the pleasures of the table. It also serves a dual function, for the individual mushrooms are not only eye-catching pieces but also serve as salt and spice pots. A cast silver branch supports a stand, which can optionally be made out of silver or oiled ebony or walnut. The mushrooms are attached to this by means of small magnets.

Another Magic Mushrooms piece is the rough-worked board made from precious palm wood. All the objects are handmade silver masterpieces. With an assay of 940/1000, the silver that is used is even more precious than sterling silver and this gives it the best care properties.