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motu Sputnik II
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Product description

h: 650 - 1250 mm
w: 900 mm
d: 750 mm

The wheelbarrow idea is redefined and sets the office in motion in the form of Sputnik II. The temporary, minimal work station table is mobile in two directions: in the horizontal plane by the electrical or mechanical height adjustment, in the vertical plane or by the integrated castor. As a supplementary table, Sputnik II can be placed next to a static work station or remain freestanding as a second level above a static work station. As a temporary work station, Sputnik II is used wherever dynamic thinking processes happen and when changes in perspectives are likely to take place. Sputniks in procession can be turned instantaneously into a single interaction table for informal exchange.

Product family


motu – work in motion

motu sets office furniture in motion. Motion matters! motu takes archetypal pieces of furniture as models and reinterprets their principal features in a refreshingly contemporary manner; reducing units to their core substance, re-equiping them with innovative technology; employing the latest materials. The basic design of the motu office furniture line allows for variability, is ever changeable and customisable, permitting and promoting motion – for the benefit of its users. Users are given freedom of spontaneous movement then, be it if they wish to work sitting down or standing up, on their own, or in teams; ergo, motu – work in motion.

motu – work in motion essentially then, is the impelling motivation behind wp office – products by westermann – the realisation of an office furniture line, to take the design company wd3 forward, bringing on board their collective conceptual experience; integrating know-how of room acoustics for instance, as a functional, integrated aspect of the furniture. Thus, motu offers greater design freedom to architects and upon which building engineering physicists may achieve greater scope by utilising the sound-absorbing qualities of the units. It goes without saying that contemporary technologies; such as, electronic furniture locks are standard and that the motu furniture family speaks a common design language.

motu – work in motion empowers its users. Motion matters! With potential for motion, perspectives and horizons open up, inspiring work. motu assists in the organisation of work with its highly versatile, mobile office structures, which can quickly be turned advantageously into more and more new, strikingly effective landscapes to work within. motu – work in motion.