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flomo board
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Complementary...-Flip charts/Writing boards >

Product description

- size: 1280 x 930 mm
- size writing surface: DIN A0 (1190 x 840 mm)
- weight: 5,8kg
- writing surface made of enameled sheet steel
- writable with board marker
- dry wipeable surface
- magnetic

flomo's centre stage player is the flomo board: whiteboard, writing board, notebook, sketchbook, pin board and post-it, in one. Its writing surface, made of enameled sheet steel in DIN A0 format, has room enough for ideas and drawings; whether created with markers directly; or onto paper mounted with a magnets. The white writing surface is embedded in a support plate made of expanded polypropylene: it is super-light, has extra-grip, being non-slip due to its structured surface – and at the same time, the form protects the flomo board. The flomo board can be hung from a profile on the wall upon the four recessed troughs; conveniently gripped to be carried away or flung over the shoulder with the flomo belt. Thanks to the laminated velour on the reverse, the flomo board can be flanked with flomo points, flomo geckos or flomo magnets, everywhere.

The flomo board fly is even lighter: With its writable surface, it has the same characteristics as the flomo board, but is not magnetic.

PS: And because Xbrick is also made of polypropylene, the flomo board and the multifunctional stool fit wonderfully together, coupled to each other via the adapter for sitting and writing in comfort.

Product family


flomo – expand your work.
flomo – is remarkably employable just about anywhere thoughts flow, when ideas are born and need to be arrested; while being so mobile the system can be taken practically anywhere. And flomo can do even more: conceived as a universal and highly adaptable system, it makes it possible to intuitively adapt and structure space - serving as an acoustic measure where desired. flomo is both a tool and work environment at the same time. flomo is unbeatable concerning methods and approaches; such as, Design Thinking, Agile Working, or Scrum.
Taking centre stage – the flomo board, where everything is aligned to focus on Agile work: whiteboard, writing board, notebook, sketchbook, pin board and post-it, in one. With its functional accessories, flomo goes far beyond the individual workstation, turning walls into centers of knowledge. flomo is mobile and adaptive, and affords an ability to convert entire spaces – to serve multidisciplinary, self-organizing teams of varying composition and size.
The idea for flomo emerged from the cooperation between SCOPE Architekten, WESTERMANN and the Stuttgart design and development office wd3.