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WAVE Room dividers
WAVE Room dividers
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Highly Aesthetic Room Dividers

The room dividers allow a visual opening or covering of different areas, depending on their positioning and the viewer’s perspective. Purposeful lighting can be used to visually emphasize the WAVE-specific design which, as a result of the interaction of light and shadow, will assume three dimensional forms and offer fantastic optical impressions that are as changeable as the point of view from which they are perceived. Not only can the geometry of the lamellae be calibrated to serve acoustic purposes, but it can also be adjusted to achieve desired light effects or to avert unwanted incidence of light. Room dividers are meant to be objects of interior design with an advantageous influence on a room’s acoustics. Their scope of application ranges from office buildings to concert halls and other music rooms, lobbies, studios, schools and cafeterias all the way to private rooms. In addition to the tried and trusted sound-absorptive properties of our WAVE products, the room dividers effectively disperse sound and diffuse its reflection. Under normal circumstances, the room dividers will be installed within reach of persons. This makes a mechanically sturdy construction necessary. The material properties of the PVC hard foam used for this purpose meet these requirements. The extraordinarily high scattering factor of WAVE room dividers causes a thorough mixing of acoustic waves leading to a blend of sounds in which especially piercing noises like the clanging of tableware are drastically muted. If the room dividers are applied and positioned to serve these specific purposes, the scattering, reflection and absorption of sounds can be influenced in any desired way.

The WAVE system offers several variants to acoustically tune a room. The following options allow you to customize your WAVE product:
- Choose the size and form of your modules.
- Choose the installation depth of your assembled system.
- Choose the quality and diameter of the base material.
- Choose the slant of the lamellae.
- Choose the distance range between the lamellae.
- Choose the most favorable positioning of the modules within an existing room.

Each WAVE module is equipped with an outer frame, which facilitates the joining together of two or more WAVE modules as well as the standard installation on walls or ceilings. Choose freely: All WAVE objects can be developed and delivered in any desired shape, with customized undulations and made to fit the required installation depth. The WAVE team will be happy to advise and support their customers, whether it be a standard application or the fruition of a particular idea to meet special requirements.

Sizes: Any desired form and size up to an edge length of about 2800 mm
Materials: PVC hard foam, 3 mm, Complete aluminum frame, 25 x 5 mm
Colors: Lamellae: white, Frame: silver-gray