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Acoustical Effective Baffle-Panels

Baffles in an acoustic sense are flat panels made of an absorbent material. The mathematics used for products from WAVE Design Solutions is also used in the design of suspended ceilings using baffles. This principle produces full-room structures, for example an impression of continuous, dynamic wave movements. Baffles are particularly suited to large rooms with ceilings of an adequate height and a large volume. The continuous variation of the size and shape of the baffles and the distance between them allow large structures of widely varying complexity to be created which produce a uniform appearance over the entire room. The design quality can be described by the fact that perception of the ceiling changes constantly and that the form makes it possible to experience both clear lines of vision and closed surfaces. Every ceiling installation with baffles from WAVE Design Solutions is unique.

Fitting baffles ideally in large, high rooms produces an excellent acoustic damping effect. The good absorption capacity of the product is the result of various effects:
- The use of special acoustic foam.
- The choice of the perfect material thickness.
- Damping sound waves on both sides of the panel material and at the cut edges.
- Varying the distance between the baffles and panel elements over an octave to prevent resonance. Tailoring the panel formats and distances to match the logic of sound waves.

The WAVE team can produce their theoretical calculations for actual or planned room situations. We can also conduct a measurement of the reverberation time on site for the actual situation and evaluate the measurement results. The WAVE Design version with baffles creates bespoke, functional solutions which are tailored precisely by us to suit the acoustic and aesthetic requirements. This is why we work closely with users, architects and developers and why we provide plans, 3D simulations and plans if requested to accompany the complete process up to the finished installation. The installation of baffles is straightforward and they can also be retrofitted in rooms with acoustic problems. The various foam elements are installed on a lightweight construction made of aluminium which is suspended on wire cables from the ceiling or from defined points. All the materials used in an installation with baffles from WAVE Design comply at least with fire safety class B1.