Acoustically Effective Wall Sculptures

The acoustic picture as a wall sculpture is a precursor of the room dividers. Since no frame is needed to stiffen the structure, the outer contour remains free and open. Any size and shape imaginable up to a side length of 2.80 meters, which is the maximum size of the PVC hard foam sheets, is feasible.

An expressly developed software allows to visually experiment within the chosen range of forms. Customized patterns to be cut with CNC machines can be drawn instantaneously: The three dimensional data of the desired WAVE lamellae are reduced to two dimensions and saved to a folder. These data contain all the codes and information required for the identification of the single components, including the plug and socket points, and therefore do not need any further processing or revision.

Sizes: Any desired forms and sizes up to an edge length of about 2800 mm
Materials: PVC hard foam, 3 mm, without frame
Color: White

Each suspension set for wall sculptures contains four anchorage points consisting of four round screw clips with a diameter of 17 mm.
Material: Stainless steel

Choose freely: All WAVE objects can be developed and delivered in any desired shape, with customized undulations and made to fit the required installation depth. The WAVE team will be happy to advise and support their customers, whether it be a standard application or the fruition of a particular idea to meet special requirements.