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WaterGrinder Walnut
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The WaterGrinder made out of walnut wood - an effective upper body trainer who brings this intense sport to your home, enabling you to achieve the impressive fitness levels of a racing grinder. Dimensions: 43.3” x 31.5 “ x 47.2” (L x W x H)
Weight: 110.2lb (without water)

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WaterGrinder - pure intensity
In sailing it is the grinder's task to transform wind into propulsion by hoisting the sails as quickly as possible. Grinders do the backbreaking work on board and are, unquestionably, high-performance athletes. Using maximum physical strength and stamina, grinders hoist the sails by cranking the winches. Sailors today do this by performing a classic rotating or grinding movement. The NOHrD WaterGrinder makes it possible for you to train with the high intensity of a professional grinder, without having to forgo the element of water! The WaterGrinder is easy to use and offers you a wide variety of exercise possibilities with its flexible settings of the monitor, hand pedals and seat. The wood frame’s drop-shape is one of its most distinguished features and will suit all home or studio interiors.

Unique: the water resistance
Quiet, yet extremely effective: the WaterGrinder’s water resistance
The heart of the WaterGrinder is the water tank with its ergonomically shaped paddle, providing maximum water flow resulting in smooth, jerk-free resistance. The water resistance is self-determined, i.e. with each move it reacts precisely to the grinder’s strength input. Users will enjoy the continuous, rhythmic flowing sound of water during exercise on this machine.

Perfect for the upper body
The WaterGrinder is ideal for full upper body training: arms, shoulders, core and back. Your upper body joints and spine will obtain all necessary impulses and stimuli important for improving mobility and resilience. Unlike our legs’ being equipped for continuous weight load, our arms are implemented for shorter bursts of activity. The WaterGrinder provides for fast muscle fatigue, guaranteeing you short and extremely efficient exercise sessions for upper body strength and conditioning.