Key facts


Storage has become an art form, as has presenting. All the better if a piece of furniture can do both. The Media Stele is a vehicle for technology. Reserved but nevertheless present – a minimalist carrier of a range of displays. Whether a management office or open space, conference or lounge, shop or hotel lobby. As digital signage, for presentations or for modern video conferencing. The corpus is easy to equip with all the tools you need to engage in modern communication. The top-flight, neutral Media Stele is deliberately demure, acting as a coat to clothe the technology.

Technology changes, interior design remains. Which is why the screen is installed individually: on request, Walter Knoll provides the Media Stele with a display. Alternatively, the furniture can be equipped by a media provider. This means customers can make use of technical partnerships, implement personal preferences or benefit from special loyalty advantages. The entire technology is concealed in the corpus. This is where cable is managed; this is where there is plenty of space for PC and Blu-ray player, media control and video codec. The acoustic system can also be integrated in the corpus. Flat panel loudspeakers in the door ensure a special sound experience. The multimedia equipment is rounded off by a camera under the screen that can be used for video conferences.