Keypiece is the new conference table program for modern conferencing. It satisfies every demand: from cultivated business routine to the highest demands of the boardroom. Top-quality and variable as a well-thought-out system: top, beam, joint leg, glide – the structural parts of the range. Different table shapes correspond to the varying framework geometries. Whether round, boat shaped, trapezoidal, square or rectangular - Keypiece carries its top in every imaginable variant.

Table tops
Shape: rectangular, boat shape, trapezoidal, square and round. The maximum width of an oblong table top is 280 cm.
Larger table versions consist of several table tops.

Table top and edge versions
Three table top versions are available.
Micro chipboard core with straight edge.
Thickness: 25 mm.
- melamine soft white with ABS ending.
- veneers and HPL (High pressure laminate)
from price groups II and IV.
MDF core with chamfered edge.
Thickness: 28 mm bevelled to 10 mm.
Bevelled edge lacquered in black.
Available in veneers, paints, HPL and
linoleum from all price groups.
MDF core with soft edge.
Thickness: 28mm. Lacquered bevelled edge
with integrated edge protection.
Available only in fine textured paint.

Table frame
Table frame consisting of:
- aluminium leg with integrated cable duct and synthetic cover.
Leg positions: angled corner and middle legs. U-shaped conference tables have two inner corner legs.
- beam: aluminium profile extrusion
- joint: die-cast aluminium
Legs, highly polished or coated in bronze.
Beams, joints and synthetic duct covers are always black-grey.

Accessories and plug management
- Cable ducts (for surcharge)
- Modesty panels for conference table systems (prices upon request).
Plug management:
All conference tables can be equipped with connectors.
Depending on table top version, various connectors are available. Cable management for
power and data connection is possible through each leg.
Table top version basic can be equipped with Connector Netbox Turn Comfort or Connector
Netbox Combi (on request).
Table top version advanced can be equipped with other connectors (on request).

Seat widths
To accommodate different chair widths, tables are scaled to three different seat widths (75, 80 and 85 cm).
Please specify scale with the ordering number.
The number of seats includes long and short sides.