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Bundle Sofa
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United States
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A new softness

"Buuuuuun-dle!" The game, popular not only with children in Great Britain, becomes pure bliss. Pile up clothes and blankets, shout "buuuuuun-dle" and dive right into the soft make-shift cushions. This promise of happiness is inherent in the new sofa designed by EOOS. The soft upholstery looks like a large folded blanket, a design idea supposedly as simple as it is ingenious. The end result is a sofa which unites all the sensorial qualities of a well-designed piece of upholstered furniture. Softer, gentler, homelier. A pure bundle of joy.

Reason becomes emotion: from a spur-of-the-moment sculpture to a sofa

"The idea: in the beginning was a blanket or rather a two-dimensional swatch of fabric. In a matter of seconds, we created an object by turning and folding, a spur-of-the-moment sculpture. A simple, rational procedure aiming at both seizing and freezing the spontaneous action such as folding, captured the instant thus giving form to an emotional quantum: the Bundle Sofa. An expressive, passion-charged sculpture in a room – that was the idea. Nothing more, nothing less. And yet this is an extremely new approach because the sofa is created from an outside-in perspective; the folds determine the form, the base retreats and gives the object a floating appearance. Casualness, spaciousness, softness."