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Wall Art as mural or photo wallpaper | Available on wallpaper, foil, metal, wood, as textile print or behind acrylic glass | other materials on request

Stunning photography as Wall Art

Bernhard Speckhahn first encountered the world of photography at the age of 13. A Hamburg lad born and bred, he borrowed his father’s Exakta lens and began experimenting with exposure times, filters and film speeds. He photographed the countryside surrounding Hamburg, as well as the city, and found himself especially drawn to landscape photography. That same year Bernhard was presented with the opportunity to photograph breathtaking landscapes on trips to the Scottish Highlands, and the expanses of California. These first two trips were to mark the beginning of a lifetime’s work outside in nature, and behind the camera.
Bernhard began working in a graphics studio whilst still at school, thereby laying the foundations for his subsequent career as a photographer and art director. Following the publication of his first Californian feature in a weekly newspaper, it all happened very quickly. Bernhard Speckhahn secured his first photography contracts and has since been working for employers around the world, for more than 15 years. Leading publications feature his advertising-, architectural- and fashion- photography.
Currently Bernhard Speckhahn is working once more as a freelance art director and photographer in Hamburg, and is available for commissions and magazine projects. In his spare time, he continues to devote his efforts to photographing his home town, drawing attention to its special appeal. This has given rise to wonderful images of the historic harbour buildings, which by and by are giving way to the construction of the new container terminals and the “Hafencity”. Now and again Speckhahn relaxes as he drives his motorbike through northern Germany, or treks across the Wittmoor in Schleswig Holstein.
Some of these remarkable works are shown exclusively on wallunica. With these photographs wallunica extended its range of sophisticated wall designs and murals that are suitable for private rooms, exclusive shop fitting and for exhibition design. Each of the photographs can be made ​​to measure and with different materials.