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Product description

This collection is characterized for its tubby shape, colorful and timeless.
LAS MOMAS have a flat face, what makes them smarter and versatile. They can be leaned against the wall, built-in, etc., to take maximum advantage the space.
It has a spacious interior thus the bushes and plants can grow vigorously. Their great function gave rise to their shape.

Product family


The collection MOMA, designed by Javier Mariscal for the Spanish brand VONDOM, is a series of objects for outdoor. It was decided to do a new ,typology of furniture to unite the function of a flowerpot and an outdoor table, thus MOMA was born, a collection characterizes for its versatility ,and originality.
From the question ¿how do we sit down? Came up three versions that could be adapted to three different environments: one for chill-out, Low, ,completed with an pouf of great comfort of the same collection; another for use it seated in a chair or a seat, Medium, and another to be reached by feet or seated on a stool, High, thinking about the pleasure of enjoying a cup of wine outdoor.
The first sketches presented organic shapes that in the development of the project they were deriving toward more architectural forms that recall to a column with capital or to a corbel. There has a hole with function of flowerpot with self-watering system of VONDOM in the supporting surface (Available also the option of integrating energy saving lamps or with technology LED).
They are manufactured by the technological process of rotational molding with ecological material of resin of polyethylene, in great variety of bright shades, what gives an more original and fresh touch to the collection.
The pieces are thought for contract projects as well as for any interior & exterior space.