Product description

60x60 cm
30x60 cm
30x30 cm


Vézère, French subtlety.

VIVES introduces a wide range of new decorative options with this new porcelain collection with its elegant design and the flexibility of it being fixed in a multiformat composition.

VIVES has created the Vézère series, a collection inspired by the natural stone found in the French region of Bourgogne. Vézère series offers endless laying possibilities since it is available in 3 different sizes, each one individually available to the client. The collection is also presented in a range of neutral colours which replicate the origins of this natural stone.

Vézère helps create a personal elegant and sober ambience and is perfect for both private and public areas. The French touch in its design has been brought out by the specific colour tones.

Vézère series is available in four sizes: 30x30 cm, 30x60 cm y 60x60 cm, which can be modular laid. It comes in the following colours: Gris, Beige, Antracita and Chocolate together with a surface texture also giving it a unique personality.

Vézère 60x60 cm (59.3x59.3 cm)
Vézère 30x60 cm (29.5x59.3 cm)
Vézère 30x30 cm (29.5x29.5 cm)