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Pratt Gold Marino
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20 x 20 cm

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Candem, the luxury in your home.

This new ceramic collection, glamorous, gold and glitter, will become a jewel for the home.

The Baroque style is presented with Candem series, filling your home with sophistication and distinction. The splendor of these tiles is visible in its refined and amazing finish.

This is a series with glitter and gold designs. Striking designs are dosed in small quantities presenting neutral finishes.

Gold is trendy and is used to cover full walls or to decorate silk cushions as well as to add little details in every day objects. Gold is very powerful, so with only one detail, it creates elegance and sophistication. Combined with a sober style, you can get a special and distinguished finish.

Candem is available in 20x20cm. and is perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. This series has two variants: the simple and elegant one, composed of four colours(beige, ocre, marino y borgoña), and the luxurious and Baroque one, adding gold details (gold beige, gold ocre, gold marino, gold borgoña).

This is a very complete series that includes accessories to create personal compositions. There are floral patterns, more refined, and lineal patterns, more simple. The floor tile is also available in 20x20cm. , presenting matching colours and designs. The series also includes some gold and wood special pieces.