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The new Hanami Collection is composed of a wide and exclusive range of wall tile designs which, with what can be described as a fresh and rejuvenated perspective, fill the room with a positive energy. Bright and colourful proposals for all manner of styles and personalities where colour is the main leitmotiv and the best way to express your emotions. The entire series is made in the 23x33.5 cm format, with the aim of bringing traditional ceramics to a timeless style to adorn your walls.

The Hanami model was born as an essential piece of the collection with its irresistible beauty lying in its simplicity. A wall tile that emulates the aesthetics of the horizontal slats of 10x30 cm and is made in six different colours: Ivory, Beige, Pink, Grey, Cloud and Mint. In addition, it is also available in 7.5x33.5 cm format to multiply its fixing possibilities. Hanami wall tiles can be complemented with three different colourful and fresh decorations: The Kaika wall tiles, which is also available in the colours of Ivory, Beige, Pink, Gray, Cloud and Mint. Its design has subtle microreliefs that are attractive both to the touch and to the eye. The Kozen wall tiles, a tile with an original surface with slight movement thanks to a design of simple and geometric lines. This model in the shape of slats shows that the simplest designs can be the most successful. With delicate gold lines, the Kasagi wall tile can create sophisticated spaces that move away from opulence but maintain a distinguished touch.

The second basic piece is the Sakura wall tile model (23x33.5 cm), which emulates small tile pieces of 10x10 cm, and is available in six different shades (Walnut, Caramel, Marsala, Marengo, Indigo and Turquoise). The artisan style of the small format is reformulated with this design to give it an eternally young and current look. Sakura is designed to be complemented by a wide variety of decorated models: Like a diluted water-colour, the Mankai wall tile (23x33.5 cm) creates an interesting effect on the surfaces transmitting depth and an artistic personality to any room. Available in six different colour variations (Walnut, Caramel, Marsala, Marengo, Indigo and Turquoise), this coating is designed for creative minds without compromises.

For those who wish to add a geometric style to their decoration, VIVES launches the Nago wall tile design, with a marked Memphis philosophy and an aesthetic full of vitality that is transferred onto the room. The Meguro wall tile draw triangles on the surfaces and add depth to them with their delicate reliefs. And finally, the Nagano wall tile design add a touch of glamour to the room with its minimalist designs bathed in gold. The three designs are available in the colours of Walnut, Caramel, Marsala, Marengo, Indigo and Turquoise.

The Takada decorated tiles with the elegance of noble materials offer a version in gold and another in silver. A design that recalls the opulence of the 1920s full of personality that can be found in all the shades of the Sakura base piece. The Haiku wall tile adds the most traditional features to the series with a whole series of vintage-inspired designs that play with different degrees of tonality. It is also made in six different colours (Walnut, Caramel, Marsala, Marengo, Indigo and Turquoise) to combine with the rest of the wall tile series.

Balance and purity perfectly describe the Heian Multicolor wall tile design. A design with a great chromatic richness in pastel tones expressed in the form of gradual gradients. A wall tile to let the imagination flow and to give colour to the ambience. The series is completed with the Senko and Omura wall tile designs. Two proposals full of originality made by using special glazes that achieve a surprising effect on surfaces.

The entire series is designed to be combined with the Blanco Brillo and Blanco Mate wall tiles of VIVES (32x99 cm, 33,3x100 cm and 45x120 cm). White is the colour of harmony par excellence, a canvas that enhances the other tonalities and extols the light in the room. It also has the elegance and serenity necessary to create neutral spaces without stridency, a perfect complement to this series full of colour.