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Madras® Satin Finish | Ecosat Screen
Madras® Satin Finish
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Product description

Ecosat Screen is satin-finish glass characterized by high light transmission and a particularly silky touch. The special treatment on the processed side ensures maximum resistance to scratches and staining agents. So, in addition to offering a high-impact product for doors, partition walls and furnishings, it also turns out to be eminently suitable for tables, work surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen tops, and writing surfaces.
Testing: see technical data sheet.
Sheet size: 2250/2400x3210 mm.
Thicknesses: monolithic 4/5/6/8/10/12; laminated 33.1.
Colours: extracler/clear/bronze/grey/dark grey.
Compatible processing: all processes associated with the base glass.


Madras® Satinati – the world’s first industrially produced satin-finish glass products – revolutionized the concept of opaque flat glass for building and furnishing.
Based on chemical etching, the production technique makes it possible to obtain glass with higher performance characteristics than traditional sanded glass, in terms of uniform opaque finish, a pleasant feel, easy cleaning and competitive prices.
Over 50 years of experience have gone into creating a full range of satin-finish products meeting all possible requirements in terms of light transmission/reflection and surface characteristics, as well as quality of recognized superiority.