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Madras® Flooring
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Product description

Float glass permanently chemically-etched on one side. It screens vision whilst allowing light through. Anti-slip performances certified to the main international standards.
Resistence to abrasion certified to UNI EN ISO 10545-7.
Testing: see technical data sheet.
Sheet sizes: 2250/2400 x 3210 mm.
Thicknesses: 8/10 mm.
Colours: extra-clear/clear.
All mechanical and thermal glass processes are admitted.


The Madras® Flooring line has made it possible to use glass as a safe and long lasting walking surface that’s visually striking and suitable even for spaces with high people flows.
In fact, it combines performance certified to the main international standards (and documented by 15 years of installation worldwide) with the advantage of longer life than glass rendered “anti-slip” with traditional techniques such as sanding, silk-screening, etc.
And on top of all this, it offers distinctive, typically “made in Italy” characteristics like refined textures and immaculate processing.