Product description

Glass: Madras® Barocco Maté Lac, based on Lacobel®, white, 4 mm thick.

Plate sizes: 3210 x 2250 mm

Application: sliding partition wall

Product family


For partition walls and furniture, Madras® offers innovative, functional and aesthetically superior solutions covering all requirements for luminosity, subtlety of effect and protection of privacy: from partial screening – shielding only where necessary – with an elegant, graded satin finish, to internal-external differentiated curtain-effect screening and complete transparency graced by decorative patterns. Durability over time – because the base material is always and only pure glass – and simplicity of installation and maintenance are assured.

Madras® glass products are also available in a safety glass version with a float glass base laminated to UNI EN 12543: 2000.