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Softshell Side Chair
Softshell Chair
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Softshell Side Chair, Vierbein-Untergestell

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The Softshell Chair is based on a familiar chair typology and charges it with new energy. The familiarity comes from the form of the seat shell while the newness is embodied by its flexible inner workings and the design of the bases. Relaxed home-like character and high-level seating comfort are becoming increasingly important in the office as well. This ideal is perfectly accommodated by the new Softshell Chair: A gently shaped seat shell with soft upholstery over the entire surface and covers in fabric, knitted material or leather give the chair family its inviting and home-like feel. The flexible backrest automatically adjusts to the position of the user’s back and allows wide- ranging freedom of movement, which creates an appreciably high level of seating comfort.

With a wide selection of covers, colours and bases – four-legged versions, four- star base with glides and height-adjustable five-star base on castors – the Softshell Chair can be employed in all manner of settings. It is suited for conference and visitor areas, waiting rooms, temporary workstations or home offices as well as for dining rooms at home or in restaurants. A strength of the new comfortable and relaxed chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec lies in its range of variation: different chair types of the same family can be used to furnish the various work zones within a company, which creates a cohesive overall harmony.

The version with a five-star base on castors with adjustable seat height is ideal for spaces where the typical characteristics of an office swivel chair are less desirable, such as in architectural firms or non-territorial workplaces, reception areas or home offices. Like the swivel four-star base with fixed height, the five- star base comes in polished die-cast aluminium as well as a powder-coated finish in “basic dark”. To fit a variety of interiors, the four-legged base comes in “basic dark”, “chocolate” or “white”.

With a leather cover, the Softshell Chair strikes a formal and dignified presence, making it particularly suited for distinguished conference rooms and exclusive hotels.