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Playns is a workstation system that features desks which can be individually adjusted to the required height. It gives users a certain degree of privacy, and yet at the same time facilitates communication within a team, i.e. raised desks are ideal for holding meetings. This means that Playns enables netting and nesting, as it creates an ideal setting for both communication and concentration without users having to leave the workstation. It has also been proven healthy to vary between sitting and standing, as this helps to prevent back problems and tension, while it also promotes blood flow, circulation and thus increases both activity and motivation levels.

Expandable desk system
Playns is designed as a system: stable clusters, each with just four legs supporting two desks, are linked to form the basis for larger systems. An individual Playns desk is also available, featuring the same materials and functions.

Clever electrical connections
Power from the floor is supplied by as few points as necessary, and is fed horizontally via the installation unit before vertically branching off to each workstation. The desktops can be lifted up and pulled forward, which allows access to the technology channel. This is a simple way of supplying every workstation with power and data cables, all of which remain hidden even when the desks are in a raised position.

Team workstations with private space
The Playns system has been developed taking both the communicative needs of a team and an individual’s need for privacy into account: Screens made of metal or fabric in two different heights surround every workstation and facilitate concentration. The workstations can be individually equipped with storage boxes, monitor holders, desk lamp adapters, CPU boxes, personal boxes and desk pads.