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Century Unlimited - CF4H
Century Unlimited
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20 x 20 cm

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Individual creativity: Century Unlimited offers endless potential through the arrangement of the colours and patterns

These high-class glazed porcelain stoneware tiles are a modern and innovative reinterpretation of the successful late nineteenth-century Mettlach tiles. With eight basic tiles and three décor lines, Century Unlimited represents a unique and varied tiling system.

Décor tiles in three colours match the basic tiles: warm and subdued to go with cream, beige and brown; cool and contrasting for light grey, grey and indigo; and a multi-coloured combination of all the shades plus cotto. Within the décor lines Circle, Triangle and Diamonds, the design is available in three graded intensities. This results in 27 décor options, and each colour has a border and matching corner. So you can create tiled “carpets” of any size to suit your requirements.

With Century Unlimited you can choose from three matching colour lines, each with various décor tiles. The clever thing is, even if you mix up the décors completely unconventionally and totally at random, the resulting patchwork will always have a harmonious effect. It is up to you to decide which style you prefer. You can even choose to use different arrangements on the floor and walls – for example, linear and in a single colour on the floor, and mixed and multi-coloured on the walls.