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Extruded aluminium profiles are the basic material used to build the standing poster displays (with cast iron bases), the hanging version (with steel tighteners) and the wall-mounted version (with wall fasteners). The posters are protected by transparent polycarbonate. The standing and the hanging versions can be single or double sided. The standing element can be fitted with additional leaflet holders (in transparent methacrylate), with a metal magazine display (epoxy painted metal plate), as well as with outside lighting (1 or 2 sided). There are also optional anodised aluminium panels to cover the standard back panel, which allow the use of magnets. The notice boards are made of a perforated metallic plate and polyester foam interior, allowing the use of magnets or pins.

Finish: aluminium.


System of elements for merchandising purposes, suitable for exhibiting posters (4 different formats: 1000 x 700 mm., 700 x 500 mm., DIN A1 and DIN A2), and leaflets (210 x 100 mm., DIN A5 and DIN A4). The basic concept is its versatility as an element for advertising purposes and its simple line, in order to give the most importance to the message that has to be transmitted. A stainless steel rim acts as spring to make the changing of the posters easier. The standing elements can be fitted with slides.

ACTA has 2 standing models for DIN A4 formats, either in transparent methacrylate or in a metallic plate painted RAL 9006.