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Epaulette 'Black Edition' A3 | brass corners
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Caroline Olsson >, Ida Noemi >
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Living room/Office access...-Picture frames >
Living room/Office access...-Picture frames >

Product description

material: solid PEFC certified Oakwood, black coloured linseed oil
brass corner pieces

dimensions: A3

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"Caroline Olsson & Ida Noemi both are from Norway and have their individual design studios in Oslo. We stumbled upon these beautiful picture frames for the first time at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden, where Ida & Caroline showed them to the public for the first time. We immediately feel in love with the design, what about you?
For the 'Black Editions' we merged the frames with a beautiful linseed oil from Denmark, which can be combined with natural pigments. In this way, you can colour wooden products in a really nice and natural way. We did some tests on different products in our collection and were specifically happy with the results in black."
- Arjan & Anieke

Epaulette is a frame system with a focus on the corners. The oak wood sides of the frame are held together by L-shaped corner profiles in copper or brass, liberating the frame from any screws. The profiles are slid on to the corners as épaulettes and enhance the expression of the frame in a subtle, but characteristic way. The corners of a frame is what defines its silhouette and could be looked upon as the shoulders of a picture. ‘Epaulette’ is the French word for a ‘shoulder piece’, which can be used as decoration or to show the rank of a uniform.

note: all frames can hang both horizontal as vertical due to the cutouts in the back plate!