Key facts


Innovative acoustic panels engineered to absorb sound and control reverberation within spaces. The panels combine excellent acoustic performances with a unique style.

Layer acoustic panels are made of a technical foam specially developed by Viccarbe.

The panels, available in three sizes, can be installed in three different depths (or layers), to create compositions similar to the contemporary art installations by Arik Levy.

We recommend using porous fabrics from the Viccarbe collection for effective sound absorption; while leather and imitation leather is sometimes requested by some customers as a decorative product, we should inform you that these materials are not as effective for sound absorption.

The number of panels provided on our chart is approximate and will vary in accordance with several factors aside from the size of the room, such as the type of floor covering (wood or carpet), which affect the acoustics of a room.

Layer panels are ideal for restaurants, hotels and offices, and for the home in dining rooms or children’s rooms where they can be upholstered with fun fabrics.

Panels upholstered with sound-absorbing technical foam developed by Viccarbe.
Wall mounting brackets included.