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NOOK is a dynamic statement. The shape achieves a complete symbiosis of curved and rectangular elements, creating a sculptural appearance full of vivid presence. Moreover, its charm, mobility and weather resistance show what convivial living is really all about. NOOK – a good companion in any environment.

NOOK – the stool – manufactured from one single piece of VarioLine® is CNC machined on the inner surface. Subsequently, a score and fold technique allows it to be formed into its distinct organic shape. The whole construction is fixed at the bottom by an aluminium bracket – eliminating the need for adhesives or welding. The interaction of tension and folding creates the striking design language of NOOK that rests upon the use of the designated material. The material as well as the stool are made in Germany.

NOOK is produced using VarioLine®, an innovative plastic. VarioLine® is a sheet material that uses a proprietary high-tech injection moulding process to produce a closed cell foam core enclosed between two highly compressed, non-porous surface layers. This makes the material lightweight yet rigid, stiff yet flexible, weatherproof and resistant to UV radiation. This material has already proven its abilities through many successful years of use in the vehicle and marine industries. The extraordinary combination of properties makes VarioLine® a new discovery for creating and manufacturing furniture. The base material used is polypropylene which can be recycled without difficulty.

NOOK is the starting point. More products creating a vibrant collection that underlines ‘convivial living’ as its guiding principle are currently under development. The NOOK bench will be available form mid 2010.