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Vetrazzo® Cool Titanium
Vetrazzo® Cool Titanium
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Vetrazzo is an extremely durable and easy-to-maintain surface. It's comparable to granite in strength, scratch resistance, heat resistance, durability, and care & maintenance.
Vetrazzo is less porous than marble and concrete and equivalent to some granite. But you do have to care for it.
85% of the surface is glass, which is impervious to stain. However, acids (like red wine, lemon juice, and vinegar) will etch the matrix of the surface (the concrete area between the glass) if not cleaned up right away. And staining agents (like coffee and tea) will leave a trace if allowed to remain on the surface.
Luckily, like aged butcher block, marble, and concrete, signs of living can actually enhance the character of the surface. If you clean messes up quickly, your Vetrazzo will remain unchanged. If you are more carefree, you may appreciate the natural patina that develops as you live with and enjoy your Vetrazzo. Also, dark mixes and those with patina hide the signs of a carefree lifestyle remarkably well.

Cool Titanium (Limited Edition)
The smooth, subtle charm of cool titanium is as classic as the glass it's made from. Flint glass, the clear glass used in most jars, originated in England in the early 19th century. It contained the toxin, lead oxide. In modern Flint glass, lead oxide has been replaced by titanium and zirconium oxides, rendering it safe to store food. Recycling helps keep the planet cool. Vetrazzo's Cool Titanium, pretty cool all around.

The Glass Transformation Story
Even the most efficient manufacturing process has some waste. The bottles and jars that we find in our kitchens are no exception. Vetrazzo offers glass container manufacturers an avenue for keeping the chipped, cracked, misshaped and otherwise rejected container glass out of the landfill. This mix may include preserve jars and clear bottle glass. Cool Titanium.

The Distinctive Beauty of Vetrazzo
Every panel of Vetrazzo is unique. Variations in the pattern and distribution of glass are an inherent part of its beauty. When you install a Vetrazzo surface, you express your individual style; nobody will ever have one exactly like it.

With Vetrazzo Surfaces you can express both your styles and your respect for the earth without compromise. Vetrazzo is 85% glass, and all the glass we use is recycled - so it really is good for the environment.

Vetrazzo is tested and certified by NSF International

Vetrazzo wins the first annual Green Log Home & Lifestyle Awards in the countertop division. Judged most eco-friendly from a crowded field of surfacing options.