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SPARC Sigma MGS | W 76 S
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Automatic Digital Wristwatch with red “V”
numbered 01 bis 50
Case and Bracelet: Durinox with black IP coating

Weight: ca. 130 gr.
Delivery: February 2013

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Coming soon: The new SPARC Sigma MGS
At the Baselworld 2006, Ventura presented a concept-study of a “future timepiece”, wrongly purported by the media as “the new Ventura watch”. Ever since, the inquiries for the “Sigma MGS” persisted and we finally asked Designer Paolo Fancelli to consolidate the basic shape with the larger movements-dimensions; he ended up with a completely new, more modern and fresh design. For all those, for whom the SPARC MGS is too chiseled and angular, the new SPARC Sigma MGS with its refined soft, organic shape sets a distinct counterpoint. It is very comfortable to wear even on smaller wrists.

The limited Launch Edition
Traditionally, Ventura introduces a new model with a “Limited Launch Edition” of 50 pcs milled piece-by-piece with 5-axis CNC machines at very high cost, delivered ahead of the regular Series made with production tools and. Every piece is individually numbered and the cases are marked with a red Ventura “V”. The limited launch Edition of the SPARC Sigma MGS can be ordered as of now, shipping will start end of February 2013; it costs the same as the regular production models to be released in late April. Those ordering at an early stage will be able to choose their preferred serial number online.

Automatic Digital Wristwatch with red “V”
numbered 01 bis 50
two Sapphire crystals
water resistant 3 bar
complimentary caoutchouc strap with replacement tool
Deluxe wooden gift casket with built-in v-winder.

2nd gen Micro-Generating-System (MGS), EasySkroll® v.2.0 OS, VEN_10 Digital Module, LC Display backlight by LED
Time1+ Date1, Time2 + Date2, Alarm, Chronograph, Countdown, 100 Years Perpetual Calendar with Day (5 languages), Date, Month, Year, 12/24H format, 3 Date-formats

MGS® Power Management, Manual power off, Automatic sleep mode (LC Display off, Functions on), Motion-sensor to monitor watch movements.
Power Reserve: Autom. System shut-down when the watch is not moved for 50 hours, accumulator capacity 45 days.
H (6 ~ 12h) 63.00 mm x W (9 ~ 3h) 40.00 mm x T 7.00 / 13.60 mm
Weight: ca. 130 gr. (caoutchouc strap), 200 gr. (Durinox bracelet)
Delivery: February 2013